Appoxee Best Practices – How to, Why and When to use Appoxee Tools and Services

Due to a high demand we’ve decided to summarize our best practices and case studies in one directory post.
In the post below you’ll find our do’s and don’ts, “how to”, our marketing tips and some technical guides which follow you through different processes.

Feel free to personally share with us your experience with Appoxee, we’re always happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

Marketing pointers and case studies

When should an Appoxee publisher send a push only/badge only/rich message + push and more

Best Practices: To Push or Not to Push That is the Question

Cross app marketing promotions and Cross platform promotions – how and why?

The Burst Effect – How to get high ranking with Appoxee

How to grow your facebook fan page – case study

Mobile to offline, how to promote your offline brand through mobile – Coupons

Usage Case: Driving foot traffic through Appoxee powered coupons!

Engagement – General

Usage Case: Asking Users to Review Your App

How clients are using Appoxee

Announcing: Baby First TV launches the first of several apps with Appoxee

News organization case study


Link strategy
HREF links in your messages to “iTunes” or “Click to Call”

How to:
How to send a message

How to create an application

Usage Cases: How To Get Your Users To “Like” Your Facebook Page Using Appoxee

Sending out a “Push Only” Message using Appoxee

The Appoxee Team