Appoxee Transitions from Private Beta to Public Beta.

We would like to announce that Appoxee is formally out of Private Beta Mode.

What does this mean? It means that any app owner or developer can sign up to Appoxee without going through our invite process. It also means that Appoxee has been through months of testing and quality assurance. After working hard we have reached a point where we are very confident (and proud) Appoxee is a product that is now formally open to the general community of app developers.

Are we going to continue to improve the product? Of course! A service like Appoxee never stops improving. We have a great long term vision for the product that will be laid out bit by bit as we move along. We are happy for any suggestions or ideas you may have – you can email us at with any of these ideas.

A Special Thanks! We would like to thanks the dozens of App developers that worked with us during the private beta phase and a special thanks to the team at BabyFirstTV ( that has immersed itself into the process and has proven to be a great client and partner.

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