Leverage your Mobile Business through User Engagement


Create a smart engagement strategy to maintain a lasting user relationship. By using push notifications, rich messages, advanced segmentation, analytics and more you will be able to maintain and retain a strong brand value and high user loyalty.

Use the tips below to maximize your existing user value:

Cross Promote – use your mobile app as your own marketing platform for promoting your products.

  • Get New downloads – promote your paid app through your free app! Use the Appoxee push notifications and rich messages to inform your users about additional apps on the application store. With Appoxee you can easily redirect a user to the app store to download your app.
  • Get new likes/followers on your social networks – refer your users to your social pages and gain more traction from your already existing fans.

Inform – use Appoxee to share important information with your users.

  • New Version Update – launched a new version of your app? Added great new features? Let your users know about it and send them to the store to update!
  • New Record Broken – let other users know about other user’s activity, high scores, product milestones etc.
  • Great reviews are shared with others – share with your users great online/store reviews.
  • Send “how to” guides – send a tutorial video and “how to” instructions to use your app right. Users who understand your app value will use your app more often.

Drive to action – be proactive and use the right tools to reach your goals.

  • Ask users to rate you – use our in-app inbox to redirect users to rate your app on the store.
  • Collect data – get your users to fill out surveys which will answer for you some important questions about your app and services.
  • Increase revenues – send users who purchased product X to now get the new complimentary product Y.
  • Wake up dormant users – increase your monthly active users by targeting users who haven’t activated your app for a while. Tag users who haven’t launched the app in the past X days and send them the right message.

Smart tools are always backed up by a strong strategy.

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